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Is your computer experiencing problems? Maybe a software error, needs to be updated, slow performance? But your computer or laptop is much more than just a computer. Maybe it is hooked to your stereo, and television, networking, etc. You really do no not want to unplug everything. As long as your computer or laptop can connect to internet, there’s no need to do that. We can fix your computer directly from our offices. You just need to install a piece of software called TeamViewer . Click on the link to download it, and follow the instructions on the setup screen of the program. Once that is done, you will need to provide us with the ID and Password under the heading “allow remote control”. What can we fix via TeamViewer? All software errors, like virus removal, slow performance, PC errors related to software like Office, Windows etc. What we CANNOT fix via TeamViewer? We cannot fix hardware, like replace a hard drive, or replace your motherboard and so on. As long as it is something you physically cannot touch, hold in your hand or see, we can fix it for you. How does Remote Support work? Once you installed the software mentioned above, you give us a call. We will ask to provide us with the “ID and Password” given on your TeamViewer main screen. This will allow us to see your desktop or what you see on your monitor, as if we were right there with you. We will give instructions for payment, once you accepted the quote. As soon as we are finished fixing your computer, we will call you right back. Download Teamviewer from here:
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